We have created two networks: and

We have two hosts [ &] and two hosts [ and] all connected through a
8-port layer 2 switch.

The host is a traffic generator that allows the user to state
destination MAC address and IP address. When we enter the MAC address
of as the destination MAC along with its IP adress, the ports
which are connected to these two machines are the onces that exchange
the traffic (LED glowing). However, if we enter the MAC of as
destination MAC along with this IP address, all the ports receive the
data (broadcast). I am little bit confused here. Since, we are dealing
with only frames should we have the corresponding ports exchanging
data? Why is the IP address affecting the way the data is received ?

If it helps, this switch is also connected to our LAN that has
129.82.x.x network using port 5.

Any comments?
Thank you,