I'm running Windows XP Pro and I noticed that I have a new icon in my
Network Connections.

It is called "Internet Connection" and it is under the heading
"Internet Gateway" (I have the "Show Icons in Groups" option checked).

I haven't noticed this before. Maybe windowsupdate changed my network

Here's my setup:

On my desktop computer, I have a wireless card that connects to my
netgear wireless router. I have an ethernet cable that plugs into the
router for the internet. On my desktop computer, I also have a NIC
card that plugs into a crossover cable that runs into my laptop. In
order to have the laptop access the internet, I have "Internet
Connection Sharing" set up which shares my wireless connection on my
desktop with the Local Area Connection on my desktop (essentially, the
crossover cable).

The laptop gets assigned a 192.168.0.x address, my desktop has a
10.0.0.x address, and my router had on the LAN and 10.2.187.x
on the WAN.

So why is the Internet Gatway showing up?


PS I've been trying to get a VPN to work for awhile... I've added a
VPN connection and deleted it various times. I don't know if that has
something to do with it.