Some expensive NIC (e.g. 3COM 3C905C series or INTEL Pro series) are
nearly 4 to 5 times more expensive than those equivalent cheap NIC
(e.g. Realtek 8139C series or other brandname using this 8139 chipset

For home appliciation of linking up 2 to 3 computers for file sharing,
& printer sharing. Even for 3MBps or 6 MBps ADSL modem connection, an
old NIC (with a mere 10 MBps capacity) is more than sufficient. A
10/100 MBps NIC is already over-capacity.

What is the difference of those expensive 3COM 3C905 Series or INTEL
Pro Series NIC, when compared with those cheap REALTEK 8139C NIC (As
far as simple home networking or ADSL application is concerned) ?????
Is it worthwhile to spend those extra money ??? (for home
networking application ???)