Similar questions have probably been asked before so my apologies and
I am a Linux novice. Here's my plan:

I have two Windows 2000 Server machines, one is a PDC containting
Active Directory, DNS and DHCP. The second is secondary DNS, RAS
services for connecting remote users, email server and is a domain

For the linux box, I want to run web services with web hosting and
allowing for FTP connections for uploading web files from clients. So
I will be using Apache and it will also host the company web site on
it. I want to join this computer to the two Windows domain controllers
but I am unsure how to do this.

1. Is Samba appropriate for joining the Linux box to the Windows
environment or will this cause security issues?

2. As far as the web site address, will all I need to do is create a
pointer in DNS to direct those visiting the web site to the address of
the Linux box? DNS is configured on the Windows PDC.

3. Also, there will be an area for client logons which will
authenticate against the Windows PDC since it has the user accounts in
Active Directory, how can I set that up on Linux?

This is a college project in which I am simulating an ISP environment.

An answer to any of those questions would be greatly appreciated or
links to resources on the 'net. I have searched for information but
thought I would see if anyone else has experience with this kind of

Thank you in advanced.

-- Amy