I work at a school that runs a primarily Novell network across four
contexts to reflect staff, elementary school, middle school, and high
school. The elementary school users do not use a password so the
users can only log onto their specific contexts otherwise the high
school kids would log on as elementary students to wreak havoc.
Recently we have decided to move into a Windows 2003 network and cut
out ipx/spx as well as take advantage of some other features we have
been eyeing. Originally we were going to have the one domain and
seperate the students into OU's for purposes of permissions and
scripts. However, that will not stop a high school student from
logging in as an elementary student. Now we are thinking about a
forest for the elementary, middle, and high school off a root.
However, all the reading I have done indicates that automatic
transitive trusts would be applied across all the trees across the
root due to implied trusts. I know that we can create the domains
seperately and add them to a root, building the trusts ourselves, but
that seems a little drastic. Any thoughts? Specifically, I am
looking for a way from the high school and middle school users from
logging in as elementary students. Is there a way to do this using

Any help would be appreciated.