I have Mac and PCs connected to a Linksys Router. I installed a
Brother MFC 3820CN printer. The Linksys which assigns it a different
IP address at times because of the DHCP, also has a Client Hostname of
"BRN_430300". Even in the Brother software they try to allow you to
access it by putting in the browser "ftp://BRN_430300" and that
doesn't work. It seems that the only way to access this printer's
smart media card via FTP, is to first find out what its currently
assigned IP address is by looking it up on the table from the Linksys
router. But this printer always has a Client Hostname of "BRN_430300",
but I can't figure out how to access it? Is there a way to access it
always without knowing the currently assigned IP address by it's Mac
Hardware Address?

With the Macintosh running Darwin (UNIX), I tried to ftp to
"BRN_430300" and that doesn't work. Thanks in advance for any help
with this!