The problem i am having is one that i have tried everything i can
think of to fix. I have a home network that consists of three
computers. The first two are Windows XP Pro machines. the other one
is a win 2k machine. One of my Xp machines is using internet
connection sharring to share a 56k dial up line to the other two
computers. The ICS machine assigns the other xp machine an IP address
and the SpeedStream 2623 router an IP address aswell. the win2k
machine is 802.11b wireless behind the speedstream router. the
problem is i cannot figure out how to make the wireless (win2k)
computer (which is the only computer hooked up throught the
SpeedStream 2623) to talk to the other computers, because for some
reason the router thinks the two xp machines are apart of the internet
so it will not do any file and print sharring. The wireless computer
will go online though. The two xp machines cannot see the wireless
win2k machine either eventhough i disabled the firewall on the
SpeedStream router. I even tried to create a DMZ host. I have no
clue what to do because i want all of the computers to be able to see
eachother, yet i don't want to buy a new router, because i got this
one for free as a gift.