I have the following network setup:

Due to the wireless portion of my BEFW11S4 failing, I purchased a new
WRT54G G-Band Router. I found that the version of firmware running on
this router did not support vpn.

I decided to use my old (BEFW11S4) router as my primary router to
connect to the internet and my new (WRT54G) router to plug into the
Uplink port on the old router to give my wireless PCs internet access.

All PC's (3 PCs and 1 MAC) can access the internet, but they CANNOT
see what is attached to the other router. The PC that needs vpn
connectivity is hard wired to my primary router (S4) while the network
printer and all wireless access is throught the G band router.

I have a crossover cable going from the UpLink port on my Primary (S4)
router to the WAN port on my G band router (54G).

I plugged into the G-band router and set the local IP to
while the primary router is

What did I miss.