I've been having a few problems in confuring my network to enable all
the computers connected to share my internet connection.

My network setup is a ADSL USB modem (internet connection) plugged
into a Windows XP Home box, connected into a Belkin Router (4-Port
Cable/DSL Gateway Router), which is in turn connected to two other
computers, running Linux (Fedora Core 1) and Windows 2000

I wish to be able to access the internet from all the computers on the
network, and run services (e.g. a web server) from the Linux computer.

The Windows XP computer, which is directly connected to the internet
via the ADSL modem, has an internal IP address of, the
router has an IP address of, and the Linux computer's IP
address is The subnet mask is, DHCP is
enabled, lease time is forever and the router's IP address pool is set
as to

What should I do to allow internet connection sharing to take place?

Chris Jenkinson