I had a Belkin 54g DSL router attached to a Netgear DM602 modem and a
laptop with a Belkin 54g wireless card. Everything worked fine. 54mbps
connection speed in most places in the house. (ADSL internet

I decided to change the setup... I couldn't access my network from
outside seemingly because of deficiencies in my system. The Belkin DSL
router couldn't use PPPoA so the Netgear modem had to act as router
rather than just simple modem. Apparently because of the way it
routes, it makes it impossible to connect to from outside (at least
that's what I inferred from my experience and other posts on deja).

Anyway, I've replaced the Belkin router and Netgear modem with just
the NETGEAR DG834G ADSL modem/router. This was easy to setup but I
only seem to be able to connect in 11b mode at 11mbps. As soon as I
change the router to act in 11g mode only, rather than b and g, I lose
the connection. And yet with the Belkin I have the full 11g speed so
it's not the PCMCIA card apparently.

Is it because the card and the router are different makes - surely
not? Do I need to change something to get it to connect in g mode? Or
is it a faulty Netgear product?

Any help greatly appreciated.