Need some advice.

I read somewhere in the news that the SweeX router is exactly like (or
very similar to) an E-Tech or Eminent router.

Ok. But which model?

I have a SweeX broadband router + 4-port switch (model LB000020), and
the firmware is no longer available on their website (I use the latest
version anyway: v0.62).

There's an irritating bug with the internal log: items are
time-stamped with a fixed date in 2002. I tried several times to do a
full reset and re-apply the firmware, but the problem is still there.
So either this is a bug, or the address of the NTP (time server) is
hard-coded in the FW (read a few references about that too).

According to several people in the newsgroups, the E-Tech firmware
doesn't have this bug (and apparently has better support functions).

My current firmware details:

Hardware Version: 1.0
Serial Number: 1
Boot Code Version: V1.05
Runtime Code Version: v0.62 (Mar 10 2003 11:04:39)

I already tried the E-Tech firmware for the "Router with built-in ADSL
Modem Annex B"), but the device didn't accept it. So maybe I need to
use the firmware of another E-Tech model... but which one?

Anyone know this?

Mark T.