Hello Group,
I would like to know whether anyone here can answer this question and
tell me how to defeat the problem.
I have a very good friend that has a computer she takes home from work
( IBM THINKPAD R30) running WIndows 2000 Pro.
She has and uses frequently IBM's SameTime software to communicate to
people in the field that are IBMers as this is an IBM specific
messanging software. She is on a network at her home with 2 other
computers using a wireless router.
Now here is what is happening.

Her husband has somehow gotten into her computer and read all her
sametime conversations. He has all her system passwords also and this
includes her HardDrive boot password. He is a Senior systems analyst
so he knows all the ins and outs of computers. He has been a
programmer in the past.
Having said that he has her thinking that he can break in her PC at
any time and do and see whatever he wants to. He also has told her he
will not do it again ( Yea Right ) I would like to be able to help her
in getting this STOPPED.
Is there a way to find out how he is breaking in her PC or whether he
is using some software to watch her PC while he in another room or at
his place of business? I know there are keystroke programs out there
and if there is one on her system how can I locate it for her. Also he
told her he had been quote, "LOOKING AT HER LOGS". I did a search for
log files on my pc and I could not locate one that logs any messages
even from my Yahoo messenger.
Can anyone PLEASE give me a hand in helping this person as this is the
most rediculous thing I have ever encountered before.
Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.

If you need anymore information please e mail me at

Once again Thanks