Hi All,

I have an Alcatel Speed Touch Pro router and it is permanently connected to
the internet. The ISP provided me a static IP address (at least it didn't
change in over a year, so I can consider it static).
I set up the router as gateway for the network (
My computer's IP is with a mask of

I am able to perform any functions without a problem, except for FTP to an
FTP server which doesn't allow passive connections. I can do passive FTP to
other servers.

When I try to connect with CuteFTP v4.2 I can login, but when I try to
retrieve the directory, the FTP program gives the command PORT
10,0,0,1,4,112 ( = port 4 * 256 + 112, which is a random port). That should
retrieve the directory listing, but it raises the error "Error opening data

The reason for the error is that the server tries to send the data packets
to the internet IP address

Is there anything I can do (setup some NAT into my router or other settings
on the computer or FTP program) or using some program to avoid this problem?