I have a DOS 2000 machine accessing a share on Win NT 4 machine via
The DOS machine transfers data that it receives to a share on the NT
The problem is that the DOS machine "disconnects" from the NT machine
right in the middle of transferring a data file.
If I view the Event log on the NT machine, I see a "user logoff" event
for the user that the DOS machine is logged onto the network with.
I used "net config server" on the NT machine to change the "Idle
session time" to "-1", so it would not autodisconnect its drives, but
this did not help.
Oddities: the DOS machine only disconnects during the transferring of
a data file; the disconnect usually happens around the same time,
around 6 am.
Is there any way to keep the disconnect/logoff from happenning?
Any help is appreciated.