Hello Folks, I have really run out of ideas and any help from the
network gurus really appreciated. All I am trying to do is to move the
linksys wireless router from Room1 to Room2 but having no luck.

Right now(Working setup is as follows)
Wireless W54G uplink port-to Cable Modem(Motorola) DHCP running on
port3-PC3 in Room2 *Wall has straight thro cable.
Room2: Only PC3

What I want to do(But does not work)-
Room1*Replace the Wireless 54G with a 4port switch-auto detect)
Gigafast 4 port switch port1-to Cable Modem(Motorola)
port4-to W54G uplinkport in Room2(*tried with
crossover cable to make it straight through also*)
Room2Move wireless router to this room)
Wireless W54G uplink port to wall
W54G std port to PC3

Can this configuration work? Is there any network topology where the
wireless router(Room2) can work with a uplink switch+modem(Room1)? Any
suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in Advance