SMC 7004 VBR, a 4 port Cable Modem router, will hold up
reasonably well if you restrict the number of concurrent
connections in your p2p application to something quite
modest. However, within minutes, hours, days, the router
will choke and needs to be Disconnected/Connected via its
EZ Web interface, a la You also will
have to disable the "Firewall" setting but NAT is still
acting as a firewall to the outside world.

Opening us this question a bit, what router, regardless of
cost, can handle a reasonable # of concurrent connections
(say 6 - 30) without grinding and melting down? I conjecture
if the SMC router had better code, it could handle this
requirement without a problem. It feels like a memory leak
or buffer overrun type of problem, just guessing in the dark.

I wish someone in the know could shed light on this (in English).
Seems like this is discussed much more frequently in German.

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Subject: Overloading Cable mode router with lots of connections ?
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Date: 2001-12-01 21:22:26 PST

I believe I already know part of the answer, but just like to confirm
the problem and hopefully get some suggestions. I'll try to keep it
brief and to the point.

Basically, using a peer to peer program called eDonkey, which allow
you to pull a common file from multiple people at the same time. In
theory, if 100 people had a file that you wanted, you could pull from
all 100 people at the same time. Unlike program like Napster or
Morpheus, which is 1 person 1 file.

The problem I am seeing on 2 different style of routers (Both by
Linksys though) is that the performance is horrible, especially, if
the file in question as say 100 people (which translates to 100
connections). If I disconnect from the router, and go straight, the
download speeds will go from peaking at 20-25 KB/s to 250 KB/s

I'm guessing that all the NATing and such, is overloading the router
and that it simple can't handle the it. If this is correct, then what
"SOHO" style router would I need to be able to keep up with say
300-400 connections. Anything under $400, with a wireless option as
well ?