I'm using the PLEBR10s to get ethernet from my basement to upstairs.
The basement computer (Windows XP) is used soley to connect with a
2-way Direcway satellite transmitter and receiver. From there I use
the PLEBR10s to connect the NIC on the host to a LinkSys wireless
access point/router upstairs. When it was first installed, everything
worked, but the surfing speed on the clients was slower than we had
hoped. We upgraded to a later version of the Direcway software and
did some tweaking on networking and ICS settings. The results were
astounding - on the host. The client computers turned to mud, and
there were some secure sites we couldn't even access from the clients
(although we could on the host). In desperation I ran a cable from
the host to the WAN port on the WAP, replacing the PLEBR10 hook-up.
Now we can get to the secure sites and the clients really fly. Does
anyone have an idea as to what the problem might be? Any ideas would
be greatly appreciated. Thanks -- Ham