Sam Carleton wrote:

> I currently have a 100M home network. Currently all the servers are
> going into a 100M Netgear switch (max distance 7 feet). Then that
> has a 25 foot run to a cheap 100 hub. The hub has multiple runs
> from 30 to 80 feet.
> The problem is thus: I need to hook a computer up in my daughters
> room. Currently I tried running a 100 foot cable from one of the 80
> foot leads and everything si VERY slow on the hub. I believe that
> if I ran a wire to her room, I would be looking at around 120 foot
> run from the cheap hub, is that too long? Would a better hub or
> moving to a switch allow that long of a run on CAT-5? I want
> reliability, not cost savings here. Cisco is a bit too much,
> though

You've probably got a wiring problem. An ethernet twisted pair connection
is good for 100 metres or about 328 feet. If you made your own cables, the
likely suspect would be crossed cable pairs. You must have one pair on
each of pins 1&2 and 3&6. Check EIA/TIA 568A or B for details.


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