I currently have a 100M home network. Currently all the servers are
going into a 100M Netgear switch (max distance 7 feet). Then that
has a 25 foot run to a cheap 100 hub. The hub has multiple runs
from 30 to 80 feet.

The problem is thus: I need to hook a computer up in my daughters
room. Currently I tried running a 100 foot cable from one of the 80
foot leads and everything si VERY slow on the hub. I believe that
if I ran a wire to her room, I would be looking at around 120 foot
run from the cheap hub, is that too long? Would a better hub or
moving to a switch allow that long of a run on CAT-5? I want
reliability, not cost savings here. Cisco is a bit too much,

Another option would be to go wireless. I can place a wireless HUB
in the first floor office, which is open to the two story entry way,
which is open to my daughters bedroom. I think it is about 30 or 40
feet by line of site. The office is at the end of the 30 foot run
from the hub. The big question is: What wireless HUB and
PCI/USB based card is the best to use? I am more interested in
reliability then low cost. I HATE it when networks are down!

Which option would you go for? What hardware would you use to make
things work the best?