Netgear MA311 shows good signal strength and signal quality using
Utility..... but no internet connection.

To get an internet connection, I have to open the Netgear utility (in
task tray) and hit "Activate", or "OK", or "Rescan" to be assigned an
IP from my Linksys router (which has DHCP turned on).

Using the Netgear MA311 NIC I was always able to just turn the
computer on and get connected, never had to to into their utility and
manually activate it.

Have reloaded NIC drivers, reflashed router, turned DHCP on and
off.... no luck.

Sending computer; Y2K Pro 2.6GHz 768MB Linksys BEFW11S4
Receiving computer; HP XP Home 1.8 GHz 512MB Netgear MA311

Thank you and Happy Holidays.