My son in-law visited recently and I let him use my Linksys WPC11
wireless card in his laptop (My setup is a Linksys 4 port router, a
separate Linksys access point, 2 wired computers and 2 laptops, all
working fine). He was thrilled at working on his laptop from anywhere in
the house so I went out and bought him a Linksys networking KIT
(wireless router and laptop card).

He immediately unpacked the card and installed it using the enclosed cd.
It didn't work. I then tried it in my computer. I uninstalled the
version of the software that I had and tried to install the CD. But the
first problem was that the auto start feature would not work. I started
from one of the setup programs on the CD. The card linked to the access
point, but would not connect to the internet. Signal strength and
quality were "excellent", but no internet.

After calling Linksys and going through several pointless exercises,
they concluded that my laptop had Texas Instruments network controllers
for which there was not a driver. However, they had a beta driver which
they would email me. After 2 days I got the email, tried to install as
per their instructions and the computer reported, the "location does not
have information about your hardware".

Anybody else have a similar problem AND a solution?

David A.