I have a configuration question regarding my Linksys Wireless -B
Broadband Router and a DHCP server on my LAN.

What I would like to do is to have computers what are wired to my DCHP
server via a switch continue to get IP addresses from the DHCP server.
I would also like the Wireless-B Router to hand out IP addresses to a
wireless laptop in another room.

I have been trying to get this setup to work but without much success.
I have cable modem access via Optonline.

Before the wireless router, I had the cable modem attached to a hub to
share the computer via the LAN, with DHCP handing out the IP's with no
problem. When I got the router, I took the cable from the cable modem,
attached it to the WAN port on the router and attached a cable from
one of the four ports on the router to the switch.

DHCP was able to issue IP's to the wired machines, but not to the
wireless laptop. I had DHCP enabled on the wireless router, but it
would not issue IP's to the wireless laptop.

Am I missing something or doing something totally wrong. I am running
W2K and WinXP, both professional versions.