Thanks for any help in advance.

I have a 2-wire wireless router. My PC is harwired to the 2 wire, and the
others are wireless. I am trying to run an IRC and HTTP server while on this
network. I only have 1 IP available to me from my ISP so somehow I need to
make this work without taking it off the 2-wire. The 2 wire has a firewall
on it that you can no t turn off. I have tried to set it to allow a HTTP
server and IRC server to run through it but the private IP is not allowing
me to do this. SOmehow I know there is a way to make my IP the routers I and
run everything through my computer giving me a static IP{ address and still
be secure. Ive done it a LONG time ago but cant remember what I did to get
it there. PLZ help!!!!.