Hi all,

I am currently using 2 Linksys WAP54AB Wireless Access Point to
allow couple mobile devices to connect to my company's network system.
I think I set up everything correctly and things are working fine
except that I could not get access to the access point after it
started working for a day or so. In another words, the access point is
working, the mobile devices are still getting connection to the
company's network. But I am not able to Ping "IP of access point" or
access the settings of the access point from the hard wired network
side unless I restart the AP. And after may be 20 hrs, same thing
happen again.

I contacted Linksys Technical support and they are suggesting me
to look at the firewall settings of my computer network and stuffs. To
be honest, I am very new to networking and firewall stuffs. I am a
programmer to write a clinet/server application using socket. I do not
know much about networking and stuffs. Can you share some experiences
with me or guide me through the possible reasons of this scenario?

Thanks in advance.