searching for networking information online, i've come to the
conclusion that there's an abundance of readily available and reliable
documentation regarding the free stuff and a scarcity of it related
the corporate stuff. the reason for this is of course no mystery.
but since i'm not ready to drop $2000 on a course and i'm not in a
position to have someone else pick up the charge:

can you recommend a source for netware file management, specifically
hierarchy design, tips? i've been given the task of setting up a
network volume and to come up with a system of folder and file
privileges. having worked with these users i'm very familiar with
their needs. my questions are mostly related to the sharing of files.
i envision most directories with read-only attributes, the contents
of which would be writeable by their respective users. there is also
a need for a great deal of file sharing. this creates a problem of
duplicate files. i'm also considering auto-purge functions on a kind
of "gateway" temp directory to allow for transfers.

i realize that reliable information doesn't come cheap. i'm grateful
for any suggestions that might be offered.