Hi! Hopefully you guys can help me out as I've gotten nowhere with
Netgear or my ISP.

1. Motorola cable modem, Netgear b router, wired to desktop (W2000),
wireless to laptop (W2000).
2. From time to time, the laptop will start having a problem where,
when I pull email in Outlook, I get an error saying that the ISP mail
server can't communicate with the mail server that I'm pulling it from
(I'm pulling email from several accounts).
3. I check the ipconfig when this happens, and the DNS suffix all of a
sudden is no longer pointing to my ISP (mail.adelphia.net), but to
something else weird (reedref.com or something).
3. To resolve it, I usually have to pull the wireless card out of the
laptop, re-seat it, and ipconfig release/renew. This usually works,
but not always.

This only affects the laptop, not the desktop, which leads me to
believe it's an issue with either my windows settings on the laptop,
or the wireless config.

Any ideas would be appreciated.