I want to extend my networking which is basically to provide Internet
Service to customers. I would like to use CAT5/5e UTP cable 2 pair and
4 pair. I am just starting this business in new location and a friend
of mine who is already into this business is doing so like this; The
length is a big disadvantage, only 100m can be achieved and after
every 100m, he is using an 8-port 10 BASE-T Ethernet Switch which is
further used for 7 connections (to customers by using 2-pair CAT5e
cable) through 7-ports and 8th port is used for extending the network
further (by using 4pair CAT5e cable). Sometimes he uses hub instead of
switches, an 8-port 10 BASE-T Ethernet Hub, only one port is used just
to extend the network as Hub can get 200m(by boosting the signal)
further and then again a hub is placed to further extend 200-250meters
by using only 1-port. Using a switch can spread the network in 8-ways
without sharing but the length remains the problem, so it has to be
repeated after every 100m. According to him, using Hub is beneficial
only to extend network by using only 1-port, if he spread the network
by using all 8-ports of the Hub then there will be sharing and speed
will decrease, please suggest me what to do and how can I put a
network in a small town.
Please help me.