GlacierDoes anyone know aomething about configuring and networking small WiFi network, using router as a DHCP server, where one Access Point (AP) unit is attached on his switch port. There are two PCs which have wireless network cards that should be communicating with that AP???
Both cards are USB type and their TCP/IP settings are set to Automaticaly obrain option.
The whole Equipment is Allied Telesyn
a.. Router is Multiprotocol Modular Router, 4 x 10/100TX + PIC slots AT-AR410
b.. AP is AT-WL2411
c.. USB Wireless Network Adapter is AT-WCL460
I don't have right now the serial cable for configuring AP, but it has possibility to be a client to DHCP server, in this case to router.

Please, contact me over my e-mail.elite@beotel.yu