Hello NG,

I got a problem with our new corporate VPN, maybe anyone here can help
me out.
The VPN should be established between our Notebooks and the Corporate

Notebooks run with Windows 2000 Professional and use Smart-VPN as
Dial-in Software for the VPN-Connection (Software comes together with

The Fileserver in the LAN is a Windows 2000 Advanced Server, running
AD and Exchange 2000 Server on it, and connected via a LAN-Switch to
the Router (Default Gateway for LAN). The Internet-Gateway is a Vigor
2200WE Router, Firmware v2.3.6, which provides external dial-in VPN
connection, and has the DHCP Relay to the fileserver activated. Its IP
is NAT is deactivated for the VPN and the Protocol is
IPSec. The Router is connected to an ADSL Modem for DSL flatrate.

There are some Remote-User-Accounts configured in the Router-Software,
with similar permissions, but different passwords. LAN IP is, our Server provides DHCP, the Server IP is,
and we use user-related logon-scripts for the shared Netfolders (which
are not started through external VPN dial-in).

We use DynDNS.org for the VPN Connection, so each Point of the VPN
know the adress of the other side.

The Notebooks use the Smart-VPN tool to connect to the Vigor Router
via DynDNS for the IPs and is then connected to the LAN. All
computer now handle the Notebook as part of the LAN.

I can connect but there are still some Problems:
1. The connection is quite instable. Sometimes I have to dial in twice
to get the initial connection
2. I can ping all other network devices through direct IPs, but
sometimes I get an connection timeout (especially trying to ping the
device names)
3. If connection is established, access to other workstations / server
is sometimes possible only via the IP-Adress in the command-prompt,
the Windows-Explorer doesn't show the network places which leads to
the impossibility to get a LAN-connection for e.g. Outlook.

That's the Problem, maybe someone can help me so that the VPN will
work stable and the Users can see the Network Places in the Explorer.

Andreas Lehmann