Hi everybody
Roadrunner person came while only my computer illiterate rommate was
present. He connected the modem to the computer, did 'something' and
it works.
When I try to connect my Linksys router (NR041) between the
computer(s) and the modem, the computer sees the router and allows me
to configure it but when I try to go internet, it does not connect.
It claims that something is not plugged and I checked, everything is
plugged in correctly.
I tried both the 'pppoe' and 'Obtain an IP automaticlly'. PPPoE did
not work and I reasoned that this is because cable does not work that
way. But this was the only option that allowed me to enter the user
ID and password supplied by Roadrunner. I did not use the 'static IP'
as none was supplied.
I also turned both the modem and the router off for about 10 minutes.
And then turned them on again.
- Is it a new thing to have userId/password for cable service. And if
so, where should I enter them?
- Is there a new method of connecting that is used by Roadrunner and
that my firmware does not recognize? (the router is over a year old.)
- Is there anything I do not know about, that I should try?