Hey there.

I'm very green in the networking department and has been asked to set
up a second domain on a network already running a Win2K server. The
new pc had to have Win 2003 for some reason and it's own directory of
users and computers. However, the Win2003 had to also be subject to
the existing Win2k network.

The servers have both been set up and runs fine. The win2003 can
access net through the win2k server and has access to the rest of the
network, but the computers that logs on to the win2003 server can't
see i) the internal network, and ii) the internet. Someone told me to
set up the trusts for the two servers, but the 2k machine refuses for
some reason.

I've got my back up against the wall. I've never had to do this before
and I've struggled with it for a couple of days now. I can get the pcs
under the 2003 server to be able to ping internet address and internal
network pc's, but they're unable to browse network or internet. Now,
yesterday, they don't ping anything anymore, but are able to log onto
the 2003 server and browse its shares.

Can someone please help me in this regard? I would appreciate it more
than you could know. Thank you.