Dear Usenet members,

I have been trying to share my printer on two computers.

The first one (the desktop) is a custom built AMD Athalon 1300+, which
is running Windows XP Professional.

The second is a dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop, which is running Windows XP

Connected to the desktop is my Canon BJC-5100 Printer.
The Desktop computer is connected to the first port on my Linksys
Wired/Wireless 802.11g router.
My laptop is connected wirelessly to the router via a linksys PCMIA
802.11g network card.
My cable modem is in turn connected to the internet connection port on
the router.

The internet works fine on both of the computers, but when trying to
find the printer on the desktop using the laptop, an error pops up,
and tells me that I need to change the administrative settings in
order to access the "workgroup".

Does anyone know how I can use this configuration so that I can print
wirelessly from my laptop?

Any help is appreciated.

Oh, and BTW, if you know how to fix this, it would be appreciated if
you reply to my post with somewhat detailed instuctions on how to
solve my problem.


Joel Hawksley