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> I have set up FTP server on windows with Serv-U program.
> I tried to connect to it from Unix shell account.
> It successfully connects and login process is fine,
> but whenever I try to retrieve any info from FTP server,
> with such command as 'ls', it prints the line that says
> '227 Entering Passive Mode (xxx,xxx,xx,xx,y,yyy)'
> ,where xxx's are my ip, and y's are some numbers,
> and it stalls indefinitely until connection is timed out.
> I'm using a router, and from Serv-U menu, I allowed passive mode
> and wrote in the ip address that's same as one above.
> I asked my friend to connect to my server with IE,
> and he succeeded. I don't understand why Unix ftp program
> does not respond with my FTP server.
> Thank you.

Did you assign a pasv port range in the ftp server setup? The IE client
connects, but does it transfer any data?