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> Tom, Windows 2003 Server interacts very closely with the DNS server in
> order to function as a Domain Controller. The error you are getting is
> very common when the two functions (DC and DNS) do not work together.
> I would suggest moving the DNS server to the Windows 2003 server,
> although it may be possible to make it work with another DNS server as
> long as that DNS Server supports Dynamic Updates (I've never tried
> it).
> Sujit D'Mello

Yep, the 2003 Server can be a standard secondary for a non MS DNS. Just
make sure that the master DNS server has an A record for your 2003 Server
The only disadvantage to that is that the "standard" DNS server may
not understand the (fairly new) server resource records that will help
your Windoze clients find domain controllers.

Another possible reason may be that you've enable enhanced security on
the 2003 Server. In that case, your Win98 machines will have to run an
Active Directory client (available from the Micro$oft web site) to enable
connection to an AD domain controller.


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>> Hi,
>> I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for setting
>> up Windows 2003 server.
>> We are putting this server on an existing network-which
>> has an existing DNS server. There is no dedicated WINS server on this
>> network (although other people, outside our section, may have WINS
>> servers set up).
>> We want this server to be the primary domain controller, ie. to
>> accept logins from about twelve workstations.
>> Anyways, on a Windows 98 client, I
>> tried logging in and a message comes up saying that "no
>> domain server available to validate your password. You may
>> not be able to gain access to some network resources."
>> The client as well as the server are on an "old"
>> University network which uses static IP addresses.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Tom Fraser