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> I have a laptop and a desktop. Laptop is running Windows XP. Desktop
> is running Linux. I also am planning on adding a linux server which
> will be on the dual pentium 2 box I have lying around. I prefer to use
> DHCP to configure these boxes when I connect them, and I know most
> routers support being a DHCP server. The question I have, is do they
> also support being a name server: specifically, would it be possible

> set the linux box up as a print server and then refer to it by name
> (since the DHCP ip address may change)? Are there any hardware routers
> that support this? Especially ones that include Stateful Packet
> Inspection and potentially VPN access (I think this is what I need if I
> want to be able to connect the laptop to the network from outside the
> network... right?) The other option is to turn on of the other extra
> Pentium 2 boxes (I got 7 of them) lying around into a router/DNS
> Server/DHCP server etcetera. If this is the only option, I would like
> to know what OS is the best (OpenBSD is probably the most secure...) to
> use for this. I like hardware routers simply because the usually allow
> for easier configuration, but what is your opinion on what would be my
> best bet?

If you setup your router to be a DHCP server, and it is itself a DHCP
client from your ISP (as most are), it will provide your DHCP clients
with the IP addresses of the DNS servers your ISP provides. No fuss, no
configuration - and follows the KISS principle