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>> hello,
>> i'm setting up a small home network and have already learned a lot
>> about it. but a few weeks ago i have forced a winXP pc to retrieve an
>> IP-addres from a DHCP server without there was a DHCP server present.
>> so the pc chose an random IP adress (every time i boot it's another
>> adress) but always with the same netmask :
>> now i have a dhcp server but this winXP pc doesn't take an adress
>> from it. i just chooses its own adress.
>> is there somebody out there who knows how to solve this problem.
>> when i give a static ip adress to this pc it works, but when i change
>> it back to retrieve automatic an IP adress it always returns to the
>> random adresses

> Make sure XP has the DHCP server IP address hard set(the router)
> then try is again after ipconfig release
> Or make reservation for an IP address at Router and hardset XP....
> I have used XP and had no such problem, hope it helps

There is no reason to hard code the IP address of the DHCP server into
the client. That configuration is automatically done by the DHCP server
(refer to RFC 2131, available at )

Ensure that your DHCP server is actually enabled. If it's not a DSL/Cable
router, you'll have to manually configure subnet mask, gateway, DNS
server, etc settings (on the server, not the client) to make it work.

Set your client to Obtain IP Address Automatically, then open a command
prompt and execute the command "ipconfig /release" followed by the
command "ipconfig /renew". If the client does not receive an IP address,
subnet mask, DNS server info, your DHCP server is not setup correctly.

Hope this helps.