Set up to use pasv connections and assign a pasv ports range.
I recommend GuildFTPd (a free ftp server with more than adequate
documentation). Make sure your DSL/Cable router is setup to
forward the appropriate port range to the IP address of the
system running the ftp server.


"Yaseen Sarwar" wrote in

> Hi,
> Port 21 is specifically designed for FTP and all FTP clients expect to
> use this port for connecting to FTP servers. It is the standard as
> defined by IEEE, I suggest you just stick to the norm.
> Yaseen
> "Steve Smith" wrote in message
> news:45DPa.1886$zd4.595@lakeread02...
> I'm trying to setup an FTP server that will run on a port other than
> 21. When a FTP client attempts to connect from the net, this message
> appears in the server's log: "425 Cannot open data connection
> (10060)". FTP clients can connect fine within the LAN but not from
> outside(the net). However, there is no such problem when port 21 is
> used.
> I'm using a D-Link DI-704P router and I've forwarded the port to the
> static private IP of the server PC. This works fine for port 21, but
> not for other ports. I've tried different ports such at 2121, etc. I
> used Port Detective and determined that the ports I'm trying are
> available. I've tried both pasv and active modes. I've also tried two
> different FTP server programs. Does anyone have any ideas as to what
> could be wrong?
> Thank you,
> Steve Smith