Anybody can help me?
My friend use ethernet have a question:when he plug the cable into one
computer's ethernet adapter,it can be used for 15 packets(using ping
-t gateway) or more , and then packet lost for a long time,if change
the cable to another NIC of another computer , it can then be used for
another 15 packets,and then packet lost.

It is a ethernet. it did use a hub, but can be omited from the
connecttion, I mean can direct connect the notebook to the cable.

I put setting of 100mbit to 10m half duplex,
at first we use auto-detect,then 10m half duplex.
no use. still the problem.
And other people in the building,didn't have the question, or haven't
report. Could it be the cable's problem?
But it can be used for the first 15 packets.
If we don't change the nic,i mean first plug out of nic and the plug
in it ,we cannot ping 15 packets at all.
Any comments? Thanks in advance.