I have a problem connecting with my Apple Powerbook G4, OS X 10.2.3. and

I am on work holiday in a vacation bungalow resort, where they offer
wireless internet. They hand out wireless cards for PC laptops, so they can
access the internet there.
When I came, i was the first with an Apple. Figuring my airport could also
let me connect to this network. This gave me problems.

I'm trying to connect to an wireless network made of Intel pro wireless 2011
Access Point.

The computer doesn't seem to be able to connect. I get a vague error when I
select the network from the dropdown list (it does find the network name,
because it appears (as only one) in the list). The vague error is something
like "there was an error connecting to the airport network".

The one thing that didn't make much sense to me, was the
"computer-to-computer" status in the Internet Connect Panel. I think that is
not correct, since it should connect to a shared internet.

Other issue could be the security. This wireless network is protected, by
only allowing certain MAC addresses to the network. We added the Airport ID
to the list though, so that should work.

Any ideas or suggestions? Anyone?

Thanks a lot!