I live right by a local college campus and ussually use their
libraries since the school I go to is about 2x as far from my house.
They have a wireless nework in all the libraries and certain hotspots
around campus. When ever I use windows xp with my cisco aironet 350,
I open up internet explorer and it automatically takes me to a page
where I have to log in with my university ID and password to be
allowed to view the web. Are there any ways to get around this
authentication? Im not very familiar with wireless networks but I
know a little about how sometimes you need an SSID and some other
stuff, so if thats the case I may be able to use a linux distro
Knoppix, which comes with a bunch of security tools, to get that info,
but I'm really not sure how to do this. If anyone could help I'd
greatly apprechiate it.