Did you try a system restore on the laptop to a point where you know everything
was working?


"Roy" wrote in message
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> picture this setup - laptop - xp pro; desktop1 - 2k pro; desktop2 - xp
> home
> desktop1 can ping laptop and desktop2
> desktop2 can ping laptop and desktop1
> laptop can ping desktop2 but NOT desktop1
> netgear wired/wireless router
> both desktops are wired, laptop is wireless
> I'm on a clean reboot and a manual release & renew of IP
> here's the thing, it DID work fine
> then I tried to install my printer (HP PSC2110) on the laptop
> XP found it fine but when I printed nothing happened
> so I installed the full software CD that came with the printer
> turns out the printer was just hosed and needed power cycled
> but I think the software install mucked everything up
> it tried to install / reinstall the deterministic network enhancer
> miniport which is required and used by my VPN software
> when it stopped working I mucked with the XP home network setup
> wizard, which bridged connections and all kinds of other crap
> I unbridged but had to remove VPN, clear registry, and reinstall VPN
> to even get the VPN to work
> since then it has been screwey but it still pings out to the XP home
> machine just not to the 2k machine. EVERYTHING works from the laptop
> except access to the 2k machine