I am in the beginning stages of forming my business plan for my
company (essentially a marketing fulfillment company - copywriting,
design and marketing svcs) and I am looking into Severs, networking,

While I am generally tech-aware, I am not a programmer, nor for that
matter wholly familiar with what is required. I understand that I need
a network swith, server and storage capacity, with a router and
connection to the internet. The desktops can either be linked to the
switch via wireless cards, or by actual cables - which way being
unimportant to me, but the most efficient would be nice.

The company will have about 10-20 employees within the first two
years, and a CFS (Central Filing System) and database will be
required. I have both of these designed already, courtesy of a friend
of mine, but he is not an IT guy. I will obviously require internet
access, and require a firewall, etc, etc. Anyone have any
recommendations, cost ideas???



If you need more input let me know, thanks....