Running XP Pro with SP1. Always on 10Mbs cable connection. Linksys WRT54G
(wireless) router.

Maybe it's coincidence but after I installed my router there are a few
applications that refuse to recognize that I am connected to the Internet.
Some of the apps are Quicken, MailWasher, Trojan Remover Updater.

The only way I can get these apps to 'work' is by getting into a web page
via IE6 or using OE6 to get some mail. These apps do something that causes
my other problem apps to 'see the Internet'. This will last until I reboot
my machine.

Mailwasher has an option that says to get my mail even if no internet
connection is detected. If I check this off then MW works without having to
get into IE6 or OE6 first. Just the fact that MW has this option might mean
that what I am experiencing is not abnormal.

Like I said it appears the problem started happening after I hooked up my
NIC through my router.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get my apps working like they used to?



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