Hi I wondering if anyone out there could help. I have the following
question to answer but Networks is not what my expert topic.

Company A has three buildings that are not currently connected to each
other. They are occupied with a total of 200 employees, all of whom
require computers or workstations.

The cabling closet of each building is centrally located, with no
desktop run over 50 metres.

Building 1 and 3 are pre-witred with Cat 5 UTP (WHAT EVER THAT
Building 2 requires full connectivity to the rest of the network but
is also a Grade 2 listed building and so a normal wiring solution
cannot be fully adopted internally (I AM LOST)

The aim is to specify the required hardware and design the network.
It should be noted that the user population is expected to grow at 10%

I have to design the network which must support high speed connections
between buildings that are 500-700 metres apart, with some fault