I tried to print on a HP Laserjet 1005w via the print server provided
by the SMC Barricade Wireless Router 7004AWBR using Windows XP as
operating system.

However the print spooler always brings up a message that it wasn't
able print.

Do you know, if the Laserjet printer requires a bidirectional parallel
connection? And is it true that the Barricade router only has a one
way connection?

If so, can the Laserjet be configured to run without bidirectional
communication? Or can the Barricade Router be setup to run in
bidirectional mode?

I've already tried the following steps:
- Connected printer directly to the computer via parallel cable
=> works fine
- Installed the PRT mate port which comes on CDROM with the router
=> couldn't print. Well it's made for Win 2000, not XP
- Installed the SMC100 port from SMC:
=> couldn't print
- Setup a TCP/IP printer port as described in "How to install a LPR
printing port on WinXP":
=> couldn't print, neither with the "lp" nor the "LPT1" option
- Installed latest router firmware => no change

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanx a lot,

e-mail: scheuermann@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de