zerro31@yahoo.com (Bhavna) wrote in message news:<3f1ec495.0309230541.4b0141ae@posting.google.com>...
> hello
> i am having problems with port forwarding on a "Barricade broadband
> router sms7004vbr". i'm setting up a ftp server on an internal ip
> address behind the NAT.i cannot access the server from outside, the
> problem is how to forward the public ip on a private on.if anyone of
> you has enver configured such a router for this reason please let me
> know.
> thanx

you may try to use this new ftp server software at
http://www.xlightftpd.com/download.htm, it has auto-detect WAN ip
function and is generally more easier for setting up ftp server behind
router. Also there is a tutorial on how to setup behind router using
this ftp server at http://www.xlightftpd.com/tutorial/a...ect_wan_ip.htm.