Somewhat new to networking, but can't seem to get this thing running. I
susupect either a bad NIC, or cable,
or hub. I THINK my settings are correct, but ...

All the machines run XP Pro...

---cable modem-----NIC (set to DHCP) ---machine 1-----NIC ( and
set as gateway)




machine 2 ----- hub |
as gateway |


802.11g Wireless Hub



machine 3
machine 4 as gateway as gateway

all NICs (except one to cable modem) have
Client for Microsoft Network
File/Printer Sharing
QoS Packet Scheduler
TCP/IP (set as shown above)

network actually worked for a short while, then after some unknown activity,
nothing talks to anything else
(except cable connection works fine). Is ome setting wrong? Should I
suspect something is broken? Help?