Hi folks,

I have been looking around the whole World for a guide to solve my problem on virtual networking as mentioned hereinbelow;

I have a Xen box;

dom0 - workstation for setup/config domUs
domU1 - postfix mail server for routing with firewall running
domU2 - postfix mail server, domian1
domU3 - postfix mail server, domain2
domU4 - postfix mail server, domain3

Router - all ports are forwarded to domU1

One public IP - all domains are pointing to the same IP

The whole system is working nicely. All incoming mail are delivered via the routing mail server to respective mail servers according to domain. Workstations on the local network (Intranet) can send and receive mails connecting to their own mail servers.

Now I'm trying to allow remote workstations on Internet to connect to their own mail server to receive emails. To send emails is NOT a problem they can do it via the routing mail server.

I tried perdition without success;

I have been reading IMAP and POP3 session proxying;

I have no idea which database it needs to create. MySQL? Neither I can't find the directories to create sql.conf

I have been googling intensively and found nginx, etc. But I can't find a walkthrough to follow. Can any folk give me a hand? TIA

What criteria I have to use on googling for my needed doc?