Hi All,
Up until recently I had a 100% stable VPN running from house into work.
At the work end we have a Nortel Contivity 1010 Extranet Switch and at home
I had a Zyxel ADSL Modem with VPN Endpoint built in.
This combination worked fine for around 5 years until I decided to move to
cable Internet.
I got the cable modem and bought a LinkSys BEFSX41 to provide the VPN
Endpoint functionality.
The VPN works but it stops working after what seems to be about 8 hours.
Usually I can simply click the "Disconnect" button in the admin console of
the Linksys and the tunnel immediately comes back up and all is well.
Sometimes though the whole thing gets screwed up so the end effect is the
tunnel goes up and down in a cycle of around 3 minutes I think, this is only
fixable by rebooting the LinkSys.
I know we have a PIX Firewall in there somewhere but to be honest I don't
get involved too much with the Network Infrastructure as its not my job, I'm
a SysAdmin so as long as the Network conenction works I'm happy............
The LinkSys is running Firmware 1.52.15 so I'm wondering if you guys know of
any issues with that Firmware and combination of Hardware ?
I appreciate I haven't given any technical info at this stage but have happy
to do so if you think the problem is fixable :-)

Many Thanks


England UK