D. Stussy wrote:
> "Marten Kemp" wrote in message
> news:fu37o7$jnb$1@aioe.org...
>> I have the following:
>> enthusiasts.dyn-o-saur.com
>> => dyndns.com
>> => home IP address
>> => router virtual server for port 80
>> =>
>> => "production" webserver
>> All this works perfectly. However, a link to a page
>> hosted on my test server (dingbat at
>> fails when I try it from outside my network. I know
>> that the 192.168 range is private but there should
>> be some way to do this.
>> I've groveled through the Fine Manuals but there
>> seems to be something that I'm missing. Probably
>> intuitively obvious to the most casual observer.

> Your problem has NOTHING to do with apache. (Note the follow-up group I've
> selected)
> That's because you're using the wrong IP address at dyndns.com. What needs
> to be listed there is the dynamic address you get from your provider for
> your dial-up or DSL line. Then, at your router, you need to forward port 80
> to your local IP.
> Even with all that, it still may not work. Your ISP may block port 80 as
> customers (without business accounts that have static IPs) aren't supposed
> to be running servers at home.

Sorry, the "home IP address" is the dynamic one that my ISP gives me.
The router does indeed forward port 80 traffic to
What doesn't work is a link from hadrian at to a page
on dingbat at when the traffic comes from outside my

I can go 'round the barn from my workstation to the Internet and
back to the server via dyndns and the page link works because
the workstation's doofus at

-- Marten Kemp
(Fix name and ISP to reply)